is born

​The first child carrier engineered for protection, designed for adventure.

Winner of 2020 European Product Design Award for Children's Product Safety

Play hard, be strong.

wümgo is engineered to protect a child from injuries if a wearer trips and falls.

Impact absorbing
Lightweight comfort
Move freely
Birth to toddler

Engineered like a bike helmet.

Designed like a child carrier.

wümgo's impact absorbing hard outer shell protects the child's head, spine and body from hitting hard surfaces or sudden obstructions. Its slim oblong shape allows the wearer to easily maneuver around tight spots.

Impact absorbing

Protective impact absorbing material lessens trauma level

Lightweight comfort

Lightweight and comfortable for both child and parent

Moves freely

Slim oblong shape easy to maneuver around tight spots

Birth to toddler

Adjusts as the child grows and to size of wearer

Strong outer shell

Strong outer shell shields child from hard surfaces

Wherever adventure takes you

Parenthood is an adventure - it’s why wümgo was born. wümgo has everything you need to explore wherever life takes you.

Versatile enough for any terrain

Designed for parents on the go. wümgo's carrier morphs into a stroller, car seat and bicycle seat by quickly snapping into attachments that are sold separately.

Bike carrier

Why wümgo matters

One child every 30 minutes is injured in a stroller or child carrier accident...

When I noticed parents today still using the same cloth carrier I used for my son over 25 years ago, I knew it was time to build something better. 

Outdated cloth carriers leave children vulnerable to injuries if the wearer falls.


wümgo’s aesthetic appeal merged with its patented protective technology is second to none.  


As a mom I know when you have a baby you don't slow down.  You move even faster and work even harder.  


Go ahead. Live life on the edge. 


You now have a safer option when choosing a child carrier.

We’re parents and we care how kids are carried.


With love,


Founder CEO


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